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— Que représente Sebadoh pour vous ?

Sebadoh posed for us only one time, many moons ago. We tried to get them to re-create the Bakesale cover photo, but Lou said we would require a wide angle lens and a smaller toilet.

— Pourquoi avoir participé à ce projet ?

It just seemed like a lot of fun to create a version of a song that we love and to do it badly and in really poor quality.

— Si vous deviez retenir une chanson de Sebadoh ?

I personally am a huge fan of Harmacy, so most of my favorite songs are off that record. It’s hard to pick just one song, but Bakesale seems to really show the more punk side of the band, especially a really raw song like Give Up. I really love some of the various live version of Give Up where they really made it super dirty and kind of a mess.

— Sebadoh en un mot

punksongwriters (that counts as one word, right ?)

— « Bakesale » ou « Bubble and Scrape » ?


— Son meilleur héritier dans la scène actuelle ?

I can’t think of many current direct correlations where you go "oh shit, this band rips off Sebadoh" or whatever. I just think a lot of bands are being influenced by Sebadoh without even directly knowing it. It’s been filtered through a few generations of bands, but is still pulling from the Sebadoh roots with that punk vibe, but better songwriting than your average punk band.

Soul Control s’attaque à la reprise de « Give Up »

— Contact

Myspace : http://www.soulcontrolhc.com

Email : soulcontrolhc@gmail.com

News : New EP called Borecore will be coming out in July 2012 Cool beanz


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